A Measure's Hush

Poetry by Anne Coray
ISBN: 978-1-59709-463-4
Size: 6x9
Pages: 96
Binding: Tradepaper
Price: US $18.95

A Measure's Hush

by Anne Coray


Anne Coray’s poems are quiet epiphanies. She is at home writing about nature, art, mortality, history and myth. Wind is her most insistent metaphor—appropriately so for a poet who lives on a remote lakeside in southwest Alaska. She wants a language that can contain the wind, and often finds it—sometimes a gentle breeze, sometimes a tempestuous storm. I’m very happy to have A Measure’s Hush on my poetry shelf.

-Fred Moramarco, Founding Editor, Poetry International

Coray is a poet who lives with wind and knows—however much the roots of things might tunnel and take hold—we will be borne off. Her new poems move through depths of elegy: the green scrub and drought of southwestern Alaska; the loss of a brother; meditations on paint and richnesses of gray, on language and everything it cannot capture. She is always attentive to the way the world resists vision. Snow falls on snow, a white bird rests in a white field, the ground does “not rise in greeting.” Through a radiant patience, Coray is present for those moments when something cracks and the air spills into crystal ash, the fern in the rain “breathes the silver message.” Without self-pity, and with immense trust, she shows us, sometimes quietly, how death arranges us to live.

-Joanna Klink, author of Circadian



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Eva Saulitis Anne Coray is the author of Bone Strings (Scarlet Tanager Books); coauthor of Lake Clark National Park (Alaska Geographic Association); and coeditor of Crosscurrents North: Alaskans on the Environment (University of Alaska Press). Her poetry has appeared in The Southern Review, Poetry, North American Review, Connecticut Review, The Women's Review of Books, in several anthologies, and on the Verse Daily web site.

She has been a finalist with White Pine Press, Carnegie Mellon, Rooster Hill Press, Water Press & Media, and Bright Hill Press. A two-time Pushcart Prize nominee, Coray is the recipient of grants and a fellowship from the Alaska State Council on the Arts and an individual artist project award from the Rasmuson Foundation. She lives at her birthplace on remote Qizhjeh Vena (Lake Clark) in southwest Alaska.

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